Italians Integrate Social Media with Recruiting

Italians Integrate Social Media with Recruiting

What do you get when you take a very old-fashioned and staid business, like corporate recruiting, and inject it with a little bit of social-media savvy? An Italian startup called Intervieweb (, founded by two 20-something college graduates, which gives companies complete control over the entire hiring process and is interoperable with major platforms like Monster, Facebook and LinkedIn.

‘Until recently potential employers would download resumes received via e-mail and archive them in paper format,’ Intervieweb co-founder Azzurra Giorgio tells ANSA. ‘Once downloaded, their contents would be transferred into something like an Excel spreadsheet, so all the data could be shared with interested parties within a company’.

However, Giorgio explains, any changes, notes and other pertinent information made by one user might not be visible to all those who access the resume’, meaning that – among other problems – comments by one company interviewer might not be available to another, hampering the efficiency of the hiring process. ‘One of the aims of our software is to centralize, in an orderly and traceable manner, the handling of a candidate’s profile’. The company’s corporate recruiting software, called In-recruiting ( comes packed with clever solutions, including a platform which collects resumes and inserts them into a private database, a function for tracking candidates’ progress through the company’s selection process and a solution which gives companies the possibility to conduct videoconference interviews.

Job-posting firms can broadcast openings not only on their corporate website, but, simultaneously, on a broad network of job portals. CVs received from partnering portals will automatically flow into the company’s central database, facilitating the process of collecting and processing resumes received through different platforms.

It all sounds very Silicon Valley, but it’s 100% ‘made in Italy’ and a fine example of a healthy entrepreneurial spirit among the country’s college graduates. The idea was born when cofounder Matteo Cocciardo and Giorgio were still in college. Cocciardo, an engineering and management graduate of Turin’s Politecnico, and Giorgio, who has a degree in general management from Milan’s Bocconi University, both had begun dabbling in HR-management research during their studies. They came into contact with several corporate recruiters and began to understand the business and recruiters’ needs.

The two met through membership of a university student business association and began discussing how their common passion could develop into a business. After refining their plan for a web-based recruitment platform, in 2008 Cocciardo brought the idea to a startup competition called Start Cup Torino-Piemonte, where it made the top-10 list and got picked up by the Politecnico’s I3P university incubator. Soon after, the incubator leased Cocciardo and Giorgio some office space and gave them access to dedicated programmers to help develop the idea into a product. Once the Beta version of the software was ready, the two founded Intervieweb, in 2009, and began prospecting for clients.

Contacts from university days helped Cocciardo, now 29, and Giorgio, 28, win some key customers, including Italian pharmaceutical giant Zambon and high-end children’s apparel and accessories producer Monnalisa.gordon

The firm also set out looking for international clients.

Outside Italy, Intervieweb’s latest foreign customer is a Swiss recruiter called Personalissimo, specialized in finding highly qualified household help for wealthy families. For 2013 Cocciardo and Giorgio, who serve as the firm’s co-chief executives, have broader European ambitions and will focus their energies on getting a foothold in France and Germany. Meanwhile, a customer in the U.K. is scheduled to ‘go live’ soon.

With its business growing, Intervieweb is ready to take on a new challenge.

‘Our aim now is to focus on increasing our size and becoming a leading market player,’ Giorgio says. ‘Now we can think of taking a qualitative leap’.

ANSA by Gordon Sorlini

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