Passeri Ceramics. Beautiful handmade and hand-decorated ceramics from Italy.

Passeri Ceramics. Beautiful handmade and hand-decorated ceramics from Italy.

Passeri Ceramiche d’Arte Company (Passeri Ceramics) has always distinguished itself on the market for its collections that are always classical but also fashionable and trendy, but above all for its great experience acquired during 45 years of activity. Every item is handmade and hand-decorated following the working techniques and the artistic qualities that are typical of our land since centuries. The Sign (Passeri) is shown on every item and is the guarantee for the high level of design, quality and  style of the product.

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Creating Ceramics Video

Every collection is made after deep studies on shapes and colours, but, above all, it is based on the typical Italian taste so envied and copied all over the world. For this reason Passeri Ceramics has always tried to create a style and shapes that could be well recognized and proved through all its production. A defined identity and a peculiar personality attested during many years.

Visit their website at: . Passeri Ceramics offers online shopping and can ship their beautiful Italian Ceramic Art to all over the world.
You can also find  more information on Passeri Ceramiche using our Business Directory on the category Italian Ceramics.

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