World Expo Milan 2015

World Expo Milan 2015


By Sandra Cordon

Italian State broadcaster RAI has reached a five-million-euro deal with Milan Expo 2015 to broadcast the event in Italy and abroad, the parties announced in a Rome presentation on Wednesday. Coverage of the food-themed world fair will be incorporated into existing programming and special transmissions, explained Expo Chief Executive Giuseppe Sala and RAI Managing Director Luigi Gubitosi. A new entity, RAI Expo, is being created to manage broadcast coverage of the fair. Italian Premier Enrico Letta expressed ”particular satisfaction” with the agreement, adding that ”another significant piece of the puzzle” has fallen into place.EXPO: SVELATE A MILANO 32 NUOVE BANDIERE DEI PAESI OSPITI

The theme of the six-month event, which begins May 1, 2014 and continues through October 31 of that year is ”Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

The Italian government has very high hopes that the world’s fair will inject some much needed money into the recession-plagued economy.

Gubitosi said RAI will commit seven executives to help guide the special Expo network, adding that the network will provide a solid public service to Italy. Meanwhile, Letta commented that RAI’s involvement is one of the ”best guarantees” that the world’s fair will provide a major economic boost.

”We are convinced that the Expo…will be at the heart of the recovery in Italy,” he said.

The success of the Milan event should have a far-reaching ripple effect through the economy for longer than its six-month run, said Sala.

Expo 2015: accordo con Rai per diffusione evento”We want the event to be not limited to just six months, but to leave its fruits to contribute to growth in Italy for a longer period,” he said.

More than 130 countries have already signed on to participate in Expo, which previously announced that 800 workers will be hired directly by the Expo organization. A flexible labour pact between unions and management of Milan Expo 2015 could create jobs at the world’s fair for youth, including apprentices and on-the-job training in mounting special events, organizers say.

Further, as many as 20,000 other workers will be directly by affected by the event in such related sectors as tourism, researchers from Bocconi University in Milan have estimated.

Agriculture Minister Nunzia De Girolamo said the event provides a ”unique opportunity” for Italy and Italian business.Expo 2015: accordo con Rai per diffusione evento

Italy is well known for its land its cultural heritage, ”and Expo will be a great chance” to bring the two together, said the minister.


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