Vacation Rental in Puglia

Vacation Rental in Puglia

rental 1 bPuglia is one of Italia’s most desirable regions…blessed with plenty of sunshine, beautiful beaches, fresh cuisine, award-winning olive oil and wine, art, architecture, and unique cultural traditions.

Rent out this wonderful location walking distance from the Adriatic Sea owned with over 18 villa-style apartments to choose from managed by a friendly professional couple.rental 1 d

All apartments have the kitchen and sundeck. Residence has a swimming pool, hot tub, playground, kid’s movies and cartoons in the evenings in the special zone equipped with System Dolby Sound . The price includes also a Mediterranean light breakfast. Every apartment has a terrace with table and chairs. All bedrooms have air condition.

There are 8 apartments with 3/4 sleep places each, 6 apartments each with 5 sleep places each, 2 apartments with 6 sleep places each, and 2 apartments with 8 sleep places each.

For more information or to make a reservation contact:

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