Teacher of Tarantella!

Teacher of Tarantella!

Ancient Folk Dance of Tarantella Arrives to America!

Born and r!!!aised in Rome, Italy, Alessandra Belloni was introduced to folk music at a young age by her grandparents, who used to play authentic music from southern Italy for her during her childhood.  When Alessandra decided she wanted to pursue a career in the arts, there was nothing that could stop her. Not even her father’s disapproval.   

“My father wouldn’t let me be an artist, so I had to get away,” Belloni recalls, and following a family vacation to New York, remained in the city to study acting and music.  “Then when I went back to Italy, I rediscovered the southern Italian folk music and I fell in love with it. So that’s what I decided to do.”

Today, she’s an award-winning tambourine maestro, singer, dancer and actress who regularly tours across the U.S. and abroad. Alessandra’s performances are rich with history, and are as beautiful as they are unique. In fact, she’s currently the only performer in Italy and America carrying on the distinct performance traditions of southern Italy.

One of Alessandra’s signature performances is the Tarantella (or spider dance), an ancient healing song and dance ritual of southern Italy. It originated as a dance that was meant to heal women who have suffered from abuse. Alessandra was inspired to learn the dance after both she and her sister fled from her abusive father. Alessandra’s mother went on to also find her way into the world of performing in her late 50’s. “She’s the inspiration for everything I do,” says Belloni.  

Today, Alessandra shares her knowledge of all the rituals and performances of her ancient culture with others by writing, leading group workshops and private sessions — and of course, performing.  

“As I’m getting older, I see myself as more of a teacher,” Belloni says. “I discovered the passion for teaching later on. I’ll always love to perform. But now it’s hard for me to tell what I love the most: teaching or performing.”

Luckily for those who want to learn from Alessandra or see her in action as a performer, she’s splitting her time between writing a book, and leading retreats to Italy.

Article written by Jessica Steinbergbelloni-2

Upcoming Workshops:

If you’d like to learn more about the ancient healing song and dance rituals of southern Italy, join Alessandra for her upcoming retreats in Tuscany.


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