NEW Ferrari F138

NEW Ferrari F138

When Ferrari were designing their new race for the 2013 Formula One season, one of their main aims was not to throw out the baby with the bath water.

Last year’s car, the F2012, was simply not fast enough and, even though Spanish driver Fernando Alonso squeezed every possible ounce of speed of it, he ended up losing the title by one point to Red Bull’s three-time world champion Sebastian Vettel. But while the F2012 was not the quickest on the grid, it had another very important virtue – it never broke down. That is why the Italian glamour team’s engineer’s opted to make the new car, the F138, an “evolution” of the F2012, rather than a radical departure from it. ‘This year’s car is more of an evolution than a revolution, based on similar concepts to the F2012 and in all the little areas of performance where we think we can gain something, we have looked for those gains,’ said Ferrari Technical Director Pat Fry.NEW FERRARI F138

‘The car has changed in subtle ways, some areas more than others, but in general, the F138 is a development of last year’s car’. Ferrari have retained the front and rear pull-rod suspension set-up introduced last year, refining it for maximum aerodynamic advantage. The F138’s bodywork elements have been redesigned to allow for changes to the positioning and layout of the exhausts. The rear of the new car is much narrower and more tapered than in the F2012.

The team’s priority is to render the car capable of winning races from the beginning of the season in March, after slow starts hampered their campaigns in 2012 and 2011. ‘The key objective that we must have is of immediately delivering a competitive car to our drivers,’ said Team Principal Stefano Domenicali.

‘Unfortunately in recent years we have at the beginning of the winter not been able to be right on top of what we are doing.  NEW FERRARI F138

‘We have tried to look at our organisation to be much more effective in the preparations over the coming week’.

Alonso, meanwhile, said Friday that he expected the upcoming Formula One season to be less unpredictable than the 2012 campaign, adding that he sees Ferrari among two or three possible title contenders. ‘I think it will be very difficult to repeat what we saw last year, with seven winners in the first seven races, I think that really was a one-off,’ said the Spaniard, who won the 2005 and 2006 world titles with Renault. ‘With the new rules F1 (last year) was more different. In the second half of the season, with things more stabilised, the top teams emerged. ‘Those that had won in the last few years, they came through. ‘I think there will be two or three teams that will practically win all the races, and we have to be one of those teams’. The other favourites for this season are the Red Bull team of world champion Sebastian Vettel and British outfit McLaren.

Ferrari said the name F138 combined a reference to this year, 2013, with the number of cylinder’s of the car – eight.

This is “partly to mark the fact that this will be the last year that the V8 engine configuration will be used in Formula One” after eight years, Ferrari said in a statement.

Ferrari are only team to have taken part in every year of the F1 championship and they hold the records for titles won (31 – 15 drivers’ and 16 constructors’), grand prix wins (219), pole positions (207), and fastest race laps (228).  (ANSA)

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