Italian Toys by Quercetti

Italian Toys by Quercetti

Quercetti and Co. is an Italian toy company which has been delighting children for over 60 years.

The Turin-based company offers a wide range of educational toys aimed at children aged from 12 months to eight years of age.

quercetti‘Our toys are designed to stimulate children’s creativity and natural curiosity while developing their manipulative and motor skills,’ Andrea Quercetti, export sales manager of the company, told ANSA.quercetti

Quercetti’s ( most representative product is the multi-coloured Fantacolor pegs, which allows children to create an unlimited number of patterns by organizing colours and filling in the spaces on the pegboard. The company has recently brought out Fantacolor Aquarium and Fantacolor Garden, where children can use the pegs to recreate these habitats with fish, plants and insect shapes.

Toddlers are well catered for with a range of brilliantly-coloured puzzles, daisy boxes and building sets. The company also offers magnetic puzzles, mosaics, letters and numbers as well as stencils with animal, flora, letters and number themes, which develop children’s fine motor and cognitive skills while having fun.

Quercetti’s marble games are also popular with children worldwide. By shifting the levers in the right sequence the marbles are guided through a maze of circuits and into the box indicated by the design on the pattern card. This portable toy develops hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity and fosters children’s reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Boys will love Quercetti’s high-precision flying toys such as aeroplanes and space rockets, which teach children all about aerodynamics. The Skyrail allows young boys to build suspended marble tracks up to 12 metres high, complete with daring parabolic curves.

For little girls the company offers the flexible Fashion Design Dolls, a magnetic version of the dress-up paper doll which boasts a huge selection of clothing, hairstyles and accessories. Quercetti’s three-dimensional Smart Dolls can be dressed up with ribbons, stickers and real pieces of fabrics, which aspiring fashion designers can cut up to create their own unique fashion pieces. ‘Quercetti was founded by my father shortly after WWII,’ says Quercetti, ‘He was a pilot and was one of the few in his formation to have survived. Nowadays, the company is run by myself and my two brothers. We aim to pass the company on to the third generation of our family in another decade or so’. The export market currently represents 56% of the company’s sales. ‘The USA is our largest market, totalling around 10% of our sales and has potential to grow further,’ says Quercetti. ‘Within Europe our major market is France, followed by Spain but in the last few years we have experienced a rapid growth in the German, Polish and Russian markets as well’.quercetti

‘We have received many awards for the innovation and educational aspect of our toys, especially in the USA, Canada and France,’ says Quercetti. Their toys are available in independent shops through the USA and online on Amazon as well as at the Jouet Club (France), Toy Masters (UK) and Vedes (Spain). Quercetti’s headquarters are in Turin, where they produce all their toys according to stringent international safety standards, carefully selecting non-toxic materials and monitoring all stages of production to ensure the highest quality and durability.

ANSA by Michelle Pelligrino

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