Italian New Age Food Branding

Italian New Age Food Branding

What did Barbie eat? Chances are, food was secondary for the jet-setting, unlikely shaped doll that dominated generations of young girls’ playtime.

Nutrition has now notched up in importance in an era plagued with child obesity and all of its accompanying maladies.

Getting kids on the right eating track early is not just part of the school curriculum or doctor talk, it has now become part of one of the most popular cartoon brands in Italy and the world.winx club nuova serie cd u.s.

Winx, teenage fairy characters created by Italian cartoonist Iginio Straffi, not only outsell Barbie in Italy, they will now put her eating habits to shame.

Winx fairy dolls are the third most popular globally and Winx merchandise such as books, bags and toys generate global turnover of over a billion euros a year.

The gang of six hip enchanters who study magic at a school in the world of Alfea have won the fame of being cool by dressing like teenagers, tussling with adolescent-type problems and frequently saving the world from the powers of evil.

The Winx Club, which started life as a cartoon on Italian kids TV in 2004, generates business for the Rainbow production company all over the world.

Mother company Rainbow srl, based in the Marche region on the Adriatic coast has teamed up with local organic olive producers at Fattoria Petrini to put together a blend of natural, cold-pressed virgin oils that will be healthily appealing to Winx fans and their families.

Fattoria Petrini is a family-run company that has won awards and recognition for its olive groves and harmonious production methods at their picturesque farm located in Monte San Vito near Ancona. Winx oils will come in two versions – a classic, large-scale distribution product for everyday use and a vitamin-enriched oil to be sold in pharmacies specifically made to facilitate the absorption and utilization of calcium with vitamins D3, K1 and B6.

La Fattoria Petrini and Rainbow have shouldered up with the project ‘Healthy Food for Life’ – the largest project currently being funded in Europe as part of IRSES (International research staff exchange scheme). The goal of the project is to create cooperation and research surrounding the theme ‘Health and Nutrition’ to support euro-Mediterranean policies.ansa italy food brands 3

In particular, the project has targeted foods specific to the so-called Mediterranean diet that is hailed for its health benefits, especially terms of cardiovascular protection and the prevention of obesity and diabetes. International market analysts and mothers alike agree that Winx hit on something big. The protagonists are beautiful, but smart and they aren’t wimps. Italian media have applauded Winx creator Straffi for merging a strong creative streak with sharp business acumen and compared him to Walt Disney. The latest merchandising move aims to be one more step to both a healthier company and client base.

ANSA by Kate Carlisle


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