Key aspects for property acquisition

Key aspects for property acquisition

In Italy, non-residents may purchase a home without restrictions, however, it is very important to use only agents that are fully accredited and licensed in Italy.

Important Stages for real estate transactions

  1. Proposta irrevocabile d’acquisto is the irrevocable purchase agreement when the price is agreed
  2. Compromesso is the preliminary contract of the terms for the purchase.
  3.  Rogito is the final sale and ownership transfer for the property.
  • Geometra, or surveyor, to make certain that the property checks out with permit and ownership rights.
  • Caparra, or initial deposit which takes place right after the Compromesso, or prelimary contract.
  • Notaio, or public notary, prepares the documents in the legal manner.
  • Apostille for the Power of Attorney if the agent will sign the final paperwork at the Rogito.

Helpful  Hints

  • Discuss the annual fees and taxes required of the property.
  • Speak with the local residents regarding the security of vacation homes in that area.
  • Hire a local agency to maintain the vacation home throughout the year

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