Bagnoregio, Ancient Hilltop Hamlet

Bagnoregio, Ancient Hilltop Hamlet

shutterstock_195021608Bagnoregio is an ancient hilltop hamlet located in the Province of Viterbo, Italian Region of Lazio.  The Etruscans founded this settlement centuries ago and has remained relevant throughout the ages because of the strategically defensible hilltop location surrounded by deep ravines on three sides.

It became part of the Catholic Diocese of Viterbo in the 7th Century, added to the Papal State in 822, and was the birthplace of the famous philosopher St. Bonaventure in the early 13th century.  shutterstock_149181980

Built high on volcanic tufo stone, Bagnoregio was a thriving town until a devastating earthquake in the late 1600’s.  Today, tourism is giving new life to this picturesque medieval town of Bagnoregio.

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